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Pro-Guide Batteries

MEGAWARE BatteryGuard


MEGAWARE KEELGUARD BatteryGuard Battery Shock Absorber

Excessive shock and vibration are two of the leading causes of battery failure. BatteryGuard sits under your battery and absorbs the gravity shock caused by excessive vibration and up and down bounce.


  • PROLONG the Life of Your Battery and Protect Against Premature Battery Failure.
  • REDUCES Up To 80% OF G-SHOCK Caused by Excessive Vibration and Bounce.
  • GREAT ANYWHERE Shock and Vibration Can Damage a Battery: Boats, Automobiles, ATVs, Trailers.
  • FITS Virtually Any Size Battery Up to Group 31; Easily Trimmed to Custom Shapes or Sizes.
  • Made in the USA
At Pro-Guide, we are very blessed to be working directly with some of the top boat brands in the country as an OE part out of their factories! Here is our growing list of partners:
Bass Cat Boats began in 1971 in Mountain Home, AR. Originating out of a small two car garage, the brand grew quickly and by 1972 they were moved to the location where Bass Cat still stands today. Leaders in innovation, Bass Cat trusts Pro-Guide with their battery solutions for their customers!
Vexus Boats began in 2018 in Flippin, AR. With heritage being on the forefront, the Vexus team built their boats along side legendary Forrest L Wood. Vexus takes great pride in being part of the "revolution" of boats and how they should be in today's age, and part of that revolution is putting Pro-Guide batteries in every boat that leaves the factory!


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