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PGL 36VM50


Pro-Guide Lithium // 36VM50

With A Cycle Life Rated Up To 3000 Cycles @ 80% DOD, The Pro-Guide Lithium 36VM50 Battery Is Your New Favorite Choice For Powering Your Boating & RV Adventures, Solar Storage, And More

  1. When you need power that’ll last, the Pro-Guide Lithium 36VM50 Battery is there to support you. Get more of out your marine, RV, and solar deep cycle battery applications.
  2. With cycle lives rated beyond 3000 cycles @ 80% DOD and a capacity of 50Ah or 1920Wh, you get a battery that performs at a high level over its whole lifespan
  3. For the strongest connection possible for your deep cycle applications, the 36VM50 comes with M8 Internal threaded terminals. 
  4. A built in ABS Honeycomb Frame to keep the 36VM50's cells protected from vibrations and improve the life span of the battery, sheltering it from the wear and tear that can cause other batteries to break down faster.
  5. Built in 7 day sleep timer keeps the battery from self discharging over time. The battery is tuned to wake up with a 50mah inrush or draw of amperage, meaning that your charger or trolling motor will wake up the battery for use!

At Just 33 Pounds, The Pro-Guide Lithium 36VM50 Battery Is One Of The Lightest And Longest-Lasting Deep Cycle Batteries Available

When you’re ready to hit the road in your RV, nothing should slow you down.

When you’re ready to take the boat out, nothing should get in the way of a smooth ride.

And when you want a battery that will support you on all your adventures, big and small, nothing performs quite as well as the Pro-Guide Lithium 36VM50 Battery.

This deep cycle battery features an ideal mix of performance (certified up to 3000 cycles) and capacity (50.0Ah) to go along with a lightweight (just 33 pounds!), stable design.

And even if you’re discharging it 80% every single time, you can still get 3000 cycles out of your Pro-Guide Lithium 36VM50 Battery.

For a safer, stable battery that will let you enjoy the most out of your activities, trust in the Pro-Guide Lithium 36VM50 Battery. Order yours today.



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jason Bragg
Easy switch!

Have been wanting to go to lithium for a while now to free up some weight on rear of my Tracker 190. I had (3) 12v for 36v Ghost and cranking battery and they weighed in at 244 lbs. went with Pro-Guide 36VM50 and a 31M100-ST with a combined weight of 59 lbs. 185 lbs lighter and what a difference it has made. So far, loving everything about these batteries. No issues whatsoever yet.

Hayden Godfrey
Awesome battery for the money.

I currently have 2 of these in parallel. I can pull into the wind with 2 drift socks easily and maintain 0.5mph for hours.

David Baker
Pro Guide Batteries

Recently purchased 4 PGL batteries shipping was extremely quick. I’ve fished 2 full days with them and at end of each day the batteries were still going strong.
Looking forward to putting them to the test with a couple day trip this weekend.

Garon Smith
A great battery!!!

I already had one and added another for better assurance on the water.

Mike Cermak
Haven’t used them yet

Not sure


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