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PGM 24MX935

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The 24MX935 AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) marine starting battery is a high-performance power source designed specifically for marine applications, offering superior starting power and durability. Engineered with advanced AGM technology, these batteries are optimized to provide reliable engine starts, even in demanding marine environments.

Warranty Information

18 month free replacement warranty included. Please check our FAQ page for more detailed information about the product.

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Unit Specifications
Group Size 24
Voltage 12
Cold Cranking Amps 750 CCA
Marine Cranking Amps 935 MCA
Reserve Capacity 140 Min @ 25 Amps
Charge Current (Standard / Max) 10A / 15A
Terminal Type 1 SAE Post, 1 Stud terminal
Weight ( lbs / kg) 42lbs / 19kg
Length (in / mm) 10 1/4in / 260mm
Width (in / mm) 6 13/16in / 173mm
Height (in / mm) 8 7/8in / 225mm
Data Sheet:

PGM 24MX935